Lynx -one of the biggest animals in Europe


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Please read the text paying attention to the information about the animal Lynx. Then fill in the map of concept with information you have found about its features, area of living, food etc. Good luck!

The Lynx is the biggest cat in Europe. This animal is Europe’s third largest predator, after bears and wolves. A nocturnal animal, it lives alone and rarely can be seen by humans.

It has a slender and strong body,  height – 60-75 cm, a tail of 12-25 cm and  weighs 11-38 kg. It has straight and sharp ears ended with a smock of black bristles. The color of his fur is yellowish-brown, and most lynx have red and even black spots on the back, on the sides and especially on the legs. It has relatively long and strong legs, with claws, like cats. Its trail left in mud or snow is unmistakable: the 4 fingers and heel form a round drawing, with a small, extra mark, in the back. Hearing and sight are his most acute senses.

It catches deers, rabbits, black goats, deer, wild boars and other rodents or birds such as owls. They rarely eat dead or domestic animals (such as sheep). The type of its  prey depends on the geographical area where it lives.

The lynx are active at night with a good night view. It moves quickly and quietly, which allows them to attack prey unexpectedly. They can jump at a distance of 4-6 meters in any direction.

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