3- Attention

A9- Find the words in a grid

Find the words in a grid Listen to the Instructions Τry to find the words you see in the right column. Look for them in all directions including backwards and diagonally. When you locate them, select with your mouse the beggining and ending of each word to mark them. Play

A8- The Shark

The Shark Listen to the Instructions Watch the video carefully and answer the questions that pop up! Video Source: https://youtu.be/UWLcaY3IoyACopyright: Finny The Shark , Super Simple

A7- Type the Letters

Type the letters! Listen to the Instructions Type the letters you see on your screen, as fast as you can! TipsBe careful of capital or small letters!For the capital letters to disappear, you have to keep the “Shift” button pressed while you type the letters.Otherwise you can disable capital letters by pressing the button “Case …

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A6- Pop the Balloons

Pop the balloons! Listen to the Instructions Blow up as many balloons as you can! But try to hit the correct ones! Tip: Do not shoot the balloons marked with an X Play

A5- Click, click

Click, Click! Listen to the Instructions In this exercise, you can do 10 tasks that will contribute to developing your attention span. Various figures will appear on the computer screen, your task will be to click as fast as you can on the figures that were specified in the instructions before each task. Good luck! …

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A4- A Fly

A Fly Listen to the Instructions In this exercise, you will watch videos, which will help expand your attention span. The videos show a fly that is flying. Your task is to press  <space> each time the fly flies onto the background specified before each video. Good luck! Play

A3- Basketball

Basketball Listen to the Instructions In this exercise you will watch 5 videos. The videos will feature basketball passes between players.  Your task is to accurately count the number of the ball passes. Good luck! Play

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