1- Memory

M10- Detectives in the Kitchen

Detectives in the kitchen   Listen to the Instructions   Click on the card and an image will appear. You have to memorize what was displayed and click on another card.Only when you click on two identical images the pair will disappear. Pay attention to every image and detail! Play

M5- Memory with dinosaurs

Listen to the Instructions You will hear a short recording. Try to memorise as many details as possible to complete this game. After you hear the recording, you need to answer the following questions: Play

M4- Coloured Words

Coloured words   Listen to the Instructions   You will see a list of words of colours. Try to memorise the order of the words. After you see the list, put the words in the order they appeared. Play

M3- Family Story

Family Story   Listen to the Instructions   You will hear a short story about a family. Try to focus on the names in the story. After you hear the story, select as many names as you can remember.   Play

M1-Memory exercise

Memory exercise You will see an image for a few seconds and your task is to try to remember as many objects in the image as possible. Then drag the items you remember inside the box.   Listen to the Instructions   Play

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